Saturday, December 24, 2011


Daily Draw: Gaian Tarot ~What card is this?

Looking back over this week's draws can you identify any tarot cards? The forest fire and campfire are probably wands. And Strength which is more woman and pet. See why I trimmed them? I've been looking at this card for 15 minutes. Which is it or rather was it? And what is it now?

I'm reminded by this card of individuality and creative brainwork. Quilting being my personal passion I've been to dozens of quilt shows over the years and often see two sides of the same coin from my brain point; I'd like to know what were they thinking and others, to wonder why didn't they think. The first being art quilts which didn't speak to me, and the second being quilts with zero zing. Twelve or twenty quilt blocks, all identical, marching back and forth,  imagination frozen in mauve and rose or brown and aqua churn dash time warps. No real point to this post except while I appreciate the artist's nine years of work, I'm sorry I'm not smart enough to appreciate it properly as she intended.

"The creative act is the defeat of habit by originality." ~ George Lois 1931-


  1. She makes me think of trying to hang on to something solid while the storms of life rage around her. But she seems to have a protector of sorts in the clouds...
    Wishing you and those you love a peaceful, healthy holiday my friend.

  2. I really like that you have trimmed them. In the past, there have been decks I thought of trimming but was worried I wouldn't remember which card was which. From your posts with The Gaian, I can see that that is more of an asset than hinderance. I really appreciate how you have read these series of cards.


  3. I 'think' this is the only deck I've trimmed off the titles too and I'm glad I did it, it should have been an oracle to begin with. I've probably trimmed 15-20 decks, (this week's feng shui is trimmed)but haven't taken the titles off any of those.

    thanks for stopping by, Sharyn

  4. Please post more trimmed Gaian images and thoughts. I am so very tempted to trim mine having looked at your blog entries here. :)


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