Friday, December 9, 2011

Inhabit A Shell

Daily Draw: Fairy Tarot ~ Queen of Wands

She looks more like the Queen of Swords doesn't she? Alert, decisive, prepared, dressed to the shoes, as we say in FlyLady lingo. The Queen of Wands has stepped into the shell of the Queen of Swords because the need and use of that type of personality was required of her.

I'm reminded by this card sometimes it is required of us too. I have to step outside my blank-the-whole-process-out  radiation appointment persona today and speak up about a weird experience I had yesterday. Which means I'll have to be there today, physically and mentally. Which probably isn't a bad thing when I think about. What is life but a series of experiences? Aren't I the one always rabbiting on about being awake to the life we are living?

"All that is within  him does condemn itself for being there." ~ Macbeth, William Shakespeare 1564-1616


  1. I think some doctors expect their patients to follow the adage "be seen but not heard." I do hope you have a different sort... And hugs to you for speaking up about your experience.

  2. Oh gosh, I remember Fly Ladies, with the shoes. I was chatting about them just earlier today and how my whole experience as a Fly Lady failed cause I detest shoes, a bit of a lame excuse for not dealing with my clutter perhaps...

  3. It's worth the effort Saidenne, I promise.

    Sycamore, I don't know what it's like at any other facility, but here our Oncology Dr. sets aside Thursdays to talk to any and all of the radiation patients, one on one as they come through. I've been told to call if I have a concern or issue any time. And today (Friday) when I said I needed to speak with him for just a minute he was with me within 10 minutes and absolutely no rush once there. I don't 'feel' sick but this kind of care makes me wonder if I really am :)
    I can also call or email my personal physician and will have my call or email returned that day or the following morning.

    Pretty amazing really.

  4. That IS amazing! I'm so glad to know you've have such caring people taking care of you!


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