Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Daily Draw: Legend Arthurian Tarot ~ Sun

The summer festival of Lughnasa, dedicated to Lleu (or the Celtic Lug) is celebrated August 1 and the actual Lughnasa ceremony is said to take place within standing stones. Since standing stones are in short supply in much of the world I expect rocks placed in a circle would serve intent.

I'm reminded by this card not of ancient rites, but of coincidence. I am reading Moonspenders by Jonathan Gash in which Lughnasa came up yesterday. When was the last time I heard or read that word? Years? I think it's great fun when such divergent actions meet in common. Like the Sun card which presages understanding and break through. I think I now know whodunnit.

"There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are given to us to learn from." Elisabeth Kubler-Ross 1926-2004

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  1. syncronisity! love it. Even as a 'witch' i had a hard time following the wheel of the year since all witchy books were actually celtic in origin and i am just a poor old swedish witchy lady. Love Beltaine/midsummer - never heard of lughnasa... was like that with half the sabbaths. These days i am old enough to just whinge it lol


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