Sunday, December 18, 2011

Renewal From The Ashes

Daily Draw: Gaian Tarot ~ Forest Fire

Here in the Pacific Northwest, timber is king, the basis of the economy. In the modern world we are diversified, but the settling and success of our roots was based on hardwood forests covering millions of acres.

The commercial forests are mico-managed now, cultivated and replanted as crops, some beginning their third and forth generation growth. I'm reminded by this deck based on nature, of the millions of board feet of timber cut to serve as shelter, of the billions of reams of newsprint, typing paper, toilet paper that is squeezed from the lifeblood of a tree each year. Of forest fires so extensive they could doom the economy of a logging community and turn it into a ghost town.  And once again, of devastation, loss,  and renewal from the ashes.

"Don't fling your butt in the forest and we won't fling your butt in jail." ~ Forest Service sign

The Gaian Tarot is a nine year labor of love from Joanna Powell Colbert, a Pacific Northwest neighbor. Gaia is Mother Earth and the deck is based on respect and honor of nature in all it's forms. Published by Llewellyn Publications 2011, the set includes the softcover 270 page Journey Through The Gaian Tarot book. I received the deck in trade a few days ago and while a great admirer of Colbert's art and mission I found the reworked images had little to do with tarot, and the renamed suits and titles I cut off the titles and borders and made it into a oracle.


  1. I think this is going to make a beautiful oracle, and I've no doubt you will find many of your own meanings in its images.
    When I was growing herbs from seed, I did a lot of research on propagation and was surprised to learn that some seeds have to be cracked open by fire before they will sprout.

  2. Or run through the digestive system. I learned that working with the Itongo tarot.

  3. Amazing what a deck of cards can teach you! :D


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