Friday, January 27, 2012

Butt Out

Daily Draw: Harmonious Tarot ~ Emperor

He fell out when I picked up the deck, I stuffed him back and he came out again on my fan and draw. If the Moon is my favorite card, the Emperor is my least favorite. And this one is chief of the disliked Emperors.

I'm reminded by this card to wonder why it gets my back up so regarding voluntarily subservient women. It's none of my business, live and let live, right? I'll work on remembering that today.

"The man of power is ruined by power, the submissive woman by subservience." ~ Hermann Hess 1887-1962


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  2. i like that quote; food for thought.

  3. I guess it depends on your definition of "subservient". I've been called subservient because, among other tasks and activities, I make coffee in the morning for my husband. I don't see it as being subservient, I see it as loving him on a daily basis. However, I don't know that I've ever witnessed a woman being subservient. Usually what I witness is a woman verbally beating the crap out of her man, which makes me fear greatly for my sons and their future happiness.

  4. Hey, AJ! I love the Harmonious, but hardly use it...I trimmed mine borderless. It's even more beautiful without the borders, in my opinion. I used a sharpie to write numbers in that little oval at the top of each card. :)

    (I don't like the Emperor, either. Not sure what my favourite card is, though. :) )

  5. Peggi, what came to my mind is women who use and then are used for their pretty. Pretty doesn't last and then what will they do for a job? It is a conversation that could go on forever, as it already has.

    Carla, this is a deck whose borders I don't mind at all, but I've seen the scans of a trimmed Harmonious and it is indeed lovely
    Thank you both for stopping by!


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