Friday, January 20, 2012

I Write It Out Loud

Daily Draw: The Classic Tarot DellaRocca ~ 7 of Swords

Lo Scarabeo suggests the keyword secrets on this card. 
Lo Scarabeo is famous for wonderful decks,
infamous for their keyword-ridden accompanying little books.
That's the biggest non-secret I know.

I have no personal secrets; rather I blog, to myself, for myself. 
When I think a secret might be getting hold of me I write it out loud, 
it robs the fear by exposure or doubles the joy by voicing.
No username here, but the real me, with no secrets. 

"To Nobody, then, will I write my journal! Since to Nobody I can be wholly unreserved." ~ Frances Burney 1752-1840


  1. I think you should throw your hat in the ring for President. The media would come to a screeching halt trying to dig up dirt on you. :)

  2. I've often thought the same thing about Oprah. Let 'em dig.

  3. I suppose if we aren't ashamed of who/what we are, there isn't much reason to keep many of those so-called secrets because having them out in the open can't (seriously) harm us. In fact, I often find the telling of such "secrets" a lot easier than others seem to find the hearing.

    Which is not to say that I don't need time to come to terms with a new "secret" myself before I feel ready to tell anyone else. And that is why I am against outing anyone as anything in the vast majority of cases.

  4. I have never understood people who thrive on secrets. My ex-MIL was like that, only happy if there was a secret and she was in the know. She would invent secrets just to have them. As you can imagine, when she asked to be my FaceBook friend, years after my split from my ex, I said "No".


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