Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Raggedy Ace Raggedy Hearts

Daily Draw: The Classic Tarot DellaRocca ~ Ace of Wands

I thought this ace looked familiar so I searched my blog for "Ace of Wands" and among the many returns, yes this one was there. I had the same impression of it this morning as I did in December 2008, this ace is way past it's pull date.

I'm reminded by this card it is once again approaching February, the month I've been wanting this quilt on my bed since 2005. It is the last quilt I'll hand quilt and one I've loved since it's inception. So why isn't it finished already? I guess I thought I had all the Februarys in the world. Silly me. I'm quilting madly on it, this is the year I literally put this old project to bed.

"I know now why Franz Schubert
never finished his Unfinished Symphony.
He would  have written more but the clock struck four
and everything stopped for tea." ~ Long John Baldrey 1941-2005


  1. a really pretty quilt, looking forward to seeing the pictures of the finish

  2. Oh, Ivy, go on with ya ;)
    I just spread the quilt out today (I have it rolled and pinned except for the area I'm working in), there are 4 blocks which = about 5 hours, and then the borders ...

  3. My grandmother made a patchwork quilt, (died in 1987)...instead of secreting it away somewhere, I use it every day to stay warm while I work on projects ..sitting in my chair with colored pencils and pad on my lap- I am reminded of her and her busy hands...always busy sewing, knitting, etc...her projects were never-ending, as are mine...and yours.


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