Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sit Up, Stand Up, Show Up

Daily Draw: The Classic Tarot DellaRocca ~ 8 of Coins

Autonomy;  independence or freedom, and to carry it further the willingness to be independent or free. that point it is no long a seldom used word but a life style, a choice that requires action.

I'm reminded by this lovely card of my gallons of buttons, sorted by color. The least useful? The gold metal ones. They are shank style rather than having standard buttonholes, so when attached to something they flop. They don't sit up, show up, or stand up. So they don't get chosen when I grab a jar for projects, they just live life on the shelf. Autonomy without action.

"Drink from your own well. Speak from your own heart. Know your own mind. For each man has his own pathway, and whoever would be your guide cannot help but lead you astray." ~ Marcus Tullius Tiro 103 BC-4 BC


  1. Some of the keywords on this deck seem odd, but I quite like this one (Autonomy)and yesterday's (Secrets). Makes me look at them in new ways...

  2. Interesting to see this deck being read with the keywords. It would never have crossed my mind. LOL Love your take on this one!


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