Thursday, January 19, 2012

Turkey Wattle

Daily Draw: The Classic Tarot DellaRocca ~ 9 of Wands

The only time I look at my own face is morning and evening teeth/face/hair ritual at the bathroom sink. So I've been tracking the interest my wrinkles have been earning by following the same progress in my Rob's face. We can put up all the barriers against age we want, but those fine and deep wrinkles are a map of our heart and life.

I'm reminded by this card I'm not crazy about the turkey wattle my neck sometimes becomes, but my facial wrinkles bother me not. When little I used to position myself to the side of my grandmother so I could watch those lines, I just loved them. And if my face is becoming my Grandma Pearl's it's ok by me, I couldn't be following a finer path.

"I like the idea of growing old gracefully and full of wrinkles, like Audrey Hepburn." ~ Natalie Imbruglia 1975-


  1. This is a much better post about the 9 of Wands than mine was. I posted about 9 of Wands today, too! Mine felt touchy/burny/defensive. I think I tend to be that way naturally.

    I like your idea of growing older gracefully. We all have to do it, yet it isn't that appealing to most people (me included). I will try very hard to follow your example!


  2. It takes a while to accept the visual changes of aging, I'm finding. I'm almost 53 now and am only getting to the point where I'm beginning to embrace my face and body as they are, and not wish they could be otherwise.

  3. I can't remember not liking wrinkles and gray hair on others. I actually celebrated the first gray hair I discovered on my own head. It will remain to see how I like wrinkles on myself when they appear. I plan on becoming a crazy-interesting, comfortable-in-my-body, middle-aged/aging woman!

  4. Hmm, tarotreading makes a very good point - I'm fine with wrinkles and grey on others... I guess it's about our sense of self catching up with external perceptions.


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