Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Well Trained

Daily Draw: The Classic Tarot DellaRocca ~ Strength

How many of us would be likely to find ourselves in a situation like this? I guess that is why for many readers this has a rather hazy meaning in a spread. Overcome obstacles? Hang in there? Or the pop-psychology of 'You can do anything if you really want to'? And what is the lion's point of view?

I'm reminded by this lion and the handsomely dressed youth who isn't even breaking a sweat of what it's like trying to train unsocialized puppy mill dachshunds. Xavier and Xing Xing found us in October 2008. Daily dedicated work has now brought us to the point where they will allow us to carry or lift them without desperate struggle to get away/down. We can now touch their mouths and inspect their teeth and still have all our digits when finished. Yet after three plus years, Xavier clamped down on my fingers just this week; I forgot to show him his good boy treat, approach his mouth slowly with it, remind him of his manners, and brush the side of his mouth with the back of my hand before turning the fingers to offer the treat. He forgot he was socialized. Their good points far outweigh the few remaining rough ones, but I'd never let a stranger reach for their mouth, let alone contain them between their legs. That wouldn't be strength, but sheer foolhardiness and the fastest route to life as a eunuch.
"It has never taken long for a dog to train me." ~ Corey Ford 1902-1969


  1. Reminds me of my feral cat who I've made an indoor kitty (after many trips to the vet for gashes from fights with tomcats). Force didn't have a thing to do with socializing her, just patience, love and food.

  2. Food being key! It was better than a year before we even entertained the idea of food rewards. Puppy mill dogs are always hungry and faster than greased lightening :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. lol that is pretty much how I felt giving my cat the de-worming pills the other week. see that determined yet kinda frantic look in her eye? yep. at least it is over for this season. phew


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