Sunday, February 26, 2012

Better Than A Beamer Dude

Daily Draw: Minchiate ~ Hermit

Time flies by and our Hermit has gone grey and bald and somewhere along the line has lost a leg. He is nicely buff, a subject echoed by the stag; and because the Hermit has always traveled without baggage he is still free to live life on his terms.

I'm reminded by this card, in spite of age and misfortune, or perhaps because of the knowledge both have brought to the table, this Hermit is still miles ahead of Beamer dudes in my book.

"From earliest childhood we feel its mystery and attraction. We know both the power it confers and the burden it imposes." ~ Sissela Bok 1934-

Something entirely new to me this week, a 97 card Minchiate deck, a really lovely 2011 Lo Scarabeo reprint of the Etruria deck from 18th century Florence Italy. The deck consists of 41 Majors, 12 zodiac signs, 4 virtues, and 4 elements, and all the usual suspects in the minors and courts. Designed for gaming, there is no particular proscribed way of using them for divination or introspection so I'll just go with what comes up.


  1. What's on the inside has always been more impressive than what's on the outside for me. :)


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