Friday, February 10, 2012

Long Ornamenti Short Intellect

Daily Draw: Proverbi Figurati

Encouraged or bullied by the cards, in an effort to 'get out' I went to a Look Good Feel Better program (at night!). I assumed and shouldn't have. Assumed it would be about our internal health with suggestions that when implemented might lead to feeling and looking brighter on the outside. Errrm, no. Can we say Makeup?

I'm reminded by this card I've always known get dressed, comb hair, put some lipstick on, and we can fool anyone into thinking we were feeling better, including ourself. It's intent plus attitude isn't it? It was nice to talk to other ladies in the tribe, but I haven't sit that long in front of a mirror since I was fifteen years old.  The Estee Lauder color lip gloss is yummy; the enormous red bag of everything else is in the entry, help yourself!

Giuseppe Maria Mitelli's proverb, Googlishly translated:
Women often have the long ornamenti and short dress the intellect.
That chauvinism instantly gets my back up...but who was at the makeup fest this week?   Not Mitelli, rest his 400 year old dust. 


  1. Oh my, I had to laugh about the makeup program! Took my teenager years to figure out that I even wore it (I just don't wear A LOT of it). :)

  2. not gonna lie, the actual meaning of that quote is rather sexist.

    i like your take better :]

  3. That proverb does have a sexist sentiment which unfortunately doesn't seem to have gone away. In this country, female politicians are routinely derided for their looks.


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