Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Broom

Daily Draw: Journey to the Orient Tarot ~ Tower

Two Towers, one crumbling to time and inattention, one being pulled over purposely. Both temples to something whose time has passed.

I'm reminded by this card sometimes after along series of old brooms, a new broom sweeping out and starting fresh, while disruptive and challenging, can be a very good thing. The only flaw in the action is the old proverb, "a new broom is only good for three days". Politics, relationships, religion...sweep or pull? Fish or cut bait? In a few minutes free choice won't be an option.


  1. Interesting take with two towers; I can either see the illusions for what they are, and sweep them out, or I can stick my head in the sand and pretend like all is well.
    This deck is much more interesting than how I judged it previously (from scans online).

  2. It's a great deck and none of the normal LoS big boobie teen bait. Well done throughout.


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