Thursday, March 29, 2012

What If I Gave A Party

Daily Draw: Universal Fantasy Tarot ~ 9 of Cups

What if I gave a party, loaded the table, and no one came? That happened to me once, I invited eighteen in-laws to Easter dinner and one came. He has always had a good appetite, but even he couldn't make much of a dent in all that food.
  • I'm reminded by this card I learned several lessons that day. Number one was what to expect from my in-laws, good people though they all are. 
  • It was foolish of me to just assume they were all coming simply because they'd been invited. I should have checked. 
  • Lots of recipes for leftover turkey that have served me well for forty years, and that as tasty as it is you can get tired of ham.
  • And the kind of sad underlying lesson is I've said ever since I don't want a funeral service. Because in my imagination, nobody comes. 
Turns out Load Table is computereze...but it still applies, as science generally does.

  • It is important to note that if column statistics exist when a LOAD TABLE is performed on a column, statistics for the column are not recalculated. Instead, statistics for the new data is inserted into the existing statistics. This means that if the existing column statistics are out-of-date, they will still be out of date after loading new data into the column. If you suspect that the column statistics are out of date, you should consider updating them either before, or after, executing the LOAD TABLE statement


  1. haha, this card again :]

    and 18 people worth of food must have effort to get through indeed :0

  2. Isn't it funny both these cards came up? I've shuffled and shuffled since your reading, and fan and draw at random so it's pure chance..

  3. This happened to me. I worked for weeks to get the house ready for the family for Xmas. No one showed up, (they called and said everyone was sick). It's been years and I still remember the disappointment, the hurt. Especially since I fond out that they went to another relative's house for dinner instead. I agree with your 4 points, but I would add another. *Disappointment and hurt directed at people you love dissipates geometrically with each passing year, but never dissolves completely.


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