Monday, April 23, 2012

Dirty Fingernails and Muddy Boots

Daily Draw: Wisdom of the Maya Oracle ~ Chac

Chac, a forebearer of Tlaloc below. Civilization, first and foremost is agricultural. We have to eat. Just because we take our green bags down to the local market and pick our harvest in covered rows doesn't mean that you and I aren't farmers at our core.

I'm reminded by this card it really wouldn't take very much to knock us back to this stage. If some of us remained we'd move forward more quickly because we've built a fund of knowledge beyond past civilizations, but would you and I be scrambling for seeds and a shovel? And praying to some form of Chac for the perfect balance of rain and sun? What could you contribute? SW Washington is perfect for vegetables and cattle and soft fruits. Fallow fields are covered with blooming mustard right now. Too short a growing season for melons, too cold for good tree fruit, soils not quite right for legumes or potatoes. So watch for me coming over the rise with trade goods in my green bags...

"When tillage begins, other arts follow. The farmers, therefore, are the founders of human civilization." ~ Daniel Webster 1782-1852

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