Sunday, April 22, 2012

Danger Will Robinson

Daily Draw: Wisdom of the Maya ~ Chibil Kin Eclipse

The Maya were astrologically sophisticated enough to predict eclipses but internalized it as the sun and moon fighting. It was a time of stress and danger when both life and emotions were off kilter. Chibil Kin is portrayed as a god taking a bite out of the moon. Sun and moon glyphs are under his feet.

I'm reminded by this card of the people who move the stock market. It swings wildly from day to day, showing little reflection on long term thinking, rather  fear selling or frenzy buying. Little gods biting the moon, buried in the minute rather than seeing the light on the whole.

"The fast lane I am flying down is one with no end in sight
Filled with reckless adventure and paved with dangerous delights." ~ Ashley Young 1986-

The deck this week is Wisdom of the Maya, an oracle of ancient knowledge for today. Published by St. Martin's Press 2000, hardcover 144 page book by Dr. Ronald Louis Bonewitz, the card art is from literal carvings by artist Achim Frederic Kiel, comprised of numerous topographic layers depending on the complexity of the image.
The deck consists of: 12 Old God cards, 4 Astronomical cards, 4 Sacred Animal cards, 5 Sacred Form cards, 20 Day/Number cards. Depending on where they fall in the spread they can be fixer, influence, identifier, or modifer cards.


  1. Wow, did the artist create these carvings from some type of sandstone? I'm impressed! It somehow seems to fit the theme of this deck very well.

  2. I love how you link such an ancient image to such a modern phenomenon. I just finished reading a book that was talking about the short term mentality of the stock market, so it's quite timely. Will look forward to seeing more images from this deck!


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