Saturday, April 7, 2012

Empty Hands

Daily Draw: Santa Fe Tarot ~ 5 of Coins

Empty hands. My mother and I have only had two tiffs. I pointed out years ago none of her kids had the moola on hand to pay for a funeral and wouldn't it be a good idea to pre-plan hers while she had the money? Quite ticked her off.

I'm reminded by this card, here it is many years later, and she is failing fast. And I'm selling stuff to pay for her funeral when the time comes. She was a true adherent all her life to You Can't Take It With You. Which begs the mine pre-planned? Well...yes, it is planned, but it isn't pre-paid. Empty hands indeed.

"If you're here for inspiration, you're too late. If you're here for the funeral, you're too early." ~ Will & Grace 1998-2006

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