Friday, April 27, 2012

Faithfully Yours

Daily Draw: Wisdom of the Maya Oracle ~ Oc

The Maya had dogs as pets and like some of the world today, as food. They were often buried with their dog, and their pottery shows the dog leading them through the underworld.

Ever notice people are funny about their pets...sure you have. Get one and leave it chained in the yard for the rest of it's life. Buy a $4000.00 air conditioned dog house for one. Kick and beat it, usually along with their kids, and like the kids it comes back for a pat on the head for taking it. Go for a walk just for the pleasure it brings the dog.  There is faithful and there is undiscriminating faithfulness, something as human we need to review in our own lives. 

"Faithfulness lives where love is stronger than instinct." ~ Paul Carvel 1964-


  1. I suspect if people thought the kind of afterlife they have depended on how they treat their pets, their behavior might rate better than a chain in the yard...

  2. first you'd have to believe in an afterlife...I don't :) Makes currentlife so much more simple.


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