Sunday, April 8, 2012


Daily Draw: Victorian Flower Oracle ~ Forget Me Not

We have had straggly stemmed sky blue forget me nots in our upper flower bed since we moved here 20 some years ago. They were also in the rose bed where we lived last. We didn't plant them, they just seem to come. But they aren't invasive so we just admire them each year and then yank out the remains when they turn brown or moldy, depending on the year's weather.

We become connected with a lot of people like this in the course of a lifetime. Acquaintances by accident, not much in common but it is always a pleasure to run into them for a few minutes, or hear news of them from mutual friends, otherwise not giving them much thought. But you know what? It is still a jolt to the system when we hear they've really gone...funny that.

"Fare thee well! and if forever,
Still forever, fare thee well." ~ Lord Byron 1788-1824

Working deck this week is the Victorian Flower Oracle, 2006, deck design by Magic Realist Press, deck art JJ Grandville 1803-1847, 132 page soft cover book Sheila Hamilton.


  1. This is the only MRP deck I don't have. But then I never did go for oracles much. Looking forward to see more cards from this one though :-D

    Oh I got some forget-me-nots too in my garden. Funny that they actually have the same name - directly translated in swedish. Förgätmigej.

  2. I've used this oracle 3 or 4 times on my blog. You can click on the tabs at the top of the page to see the links or you can just search the blog. If more than one word, put it in parentheses.

    It is finally spring here, I've worked myself to a nub in the yard :)


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