Friday, May 18, 2012

Ground Rules

Daily Draw: Elemental Tarot ~ Chariot

 When does it become necessary to cross from observation to involved? At what point should involvement turn into aggressive intervention? Is there ever that right moment, that won't mock in the future for premature action vs. too late?

I'm reminded by this card of a person who has in effect, gone rogue. To her credit, there weren't any ground rules established, to her discredit, she is putting her living mother's estate well into jeopardy, mind and eyes blinded by the thin siren call of easy money.

"Agree to these ground rules: Be curious, conversational and real. Don’t persuade or interrupt. Listen, listen, listen." Elizabeth Lesser        


  1. This card reminds me to do a ruthless, honest check of my motivations before I take any big actions. It's just so easy to rationalize...

  2. This is such a beautiful deck you've been using. I tried looking for it and found that it was out of print. I'm sure someone somewhere knows where to get it? In any case, your meditations are inspiring. It's reminded me that there's more than one way to see a card.

  3. I got the Elemental, and also their Mystic Meg on the trading forum at AT this month.
    Neither were very much, 20.00 or less. Both this month.
    So now I have all their decks, and can say truthfully all their boxes/packaging are bizarre and non-user friendly ;)

    In truth if you have one of their decks you could say you have them all, as they are very similar...but I just love Caroline's art, therefore I own them.
    and the books that go with them are good too.

  4. yes the artwork is really stunning here. I remember checking out the Mystic Meg years ago, saved up for it, bought it - and found it to be just some CD program with the images, not a real deck.

  5. Akkk,disappointing! I once thought I was getting the greenwood deck and book and it was just the book even though the title and body of the auction both said deck. Live and learn, and then learn some more I guess :)


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