Sunday, May 6, 2012

Instinct For Survival

Daily Draw: Tarot of the Magical Forest ~ Strength

Ye sheep has shoes and hands. From the book: Fleecy Sheep is stronger than the lion because she has learned to rule over her instincts and conquer her fears.

I'm reminded by this card we have instinct for a reason. Survival.

"The herd instinct among politicians makes sheep look like independent thinkers." ~ Edgar R. Fiedler 1916-2003

Tarot of the Magical Forest, Lo Scarabeo 2008. This is a reproduction of the Asian Hsu Chi Chun deck, artwork by Leo Tang, card stock thousandfold improved. Suits are: Frogs/Wands, Bunnies/Cups, Foxes/Coins, Cats/Swords


  1. Nice quote there! And such an adorable deck that is, been on the wishlist a while now but I am putting my deck-spending on hold over the summer. (buying seeds and dirt for my money instead)

  2. This is my absolute favorite deck. Not only is it very inspirational, (love the little quote in the white book", but each time I put out a card I want to go 'Aww!, so cute!". So glad to see them here.

  3. I love it too, every eyeball card makes me laugh..why me?? they seem to be saying.

    Jema, I've been out in the dirt this morning, cleaning up the raised beds. Spring is here!

    thank you both for stopping by, Sharyn/AJ


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