Sunday, May 27, 2012

Place Of Grace

Daily Draw: Creatrix Activation Cards ~ Spinning

This card in the Grace suit suggests I should be watching closely for ideas, upon which I should be building and going forward. This process is an example of the author's Grace in motion.

I'm reminded by this card 'state of grace' is a concept which has eluded me. Or perhaps I've eluded it...once again we have old white men sitting in judgement of our actions and intent. I think our own hearts are far better compasses of how close to a place of Grace we are approaching. And it will know when we've arrived.

"By guts, I mean grace under pressure." ~ Ernest Hemingway 1899-1961

This 33 card deck and 48 page digest size book are the creation of artist and author Melissa Harris. I would call it an affirmation or meditation deck rather than oracle and it's just what I need this week. It holds a wild card and 4 suits titled Invocation, Keys, Grace, Initiation. Borders are colored to the suit, and the backs are also beautiful, a smaller version of the Invocation card Intentions. Self published 2008.

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