Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Awkward Dancer

Daily Draw: Anubis Oracle ~ Khepera

This is one of my favorite oracles, but I look at the keywords Spiral Dancer, and here I am yet again, rolling my eyes. So I've been wracking my brain on what it could mean, how I can apply that to my day...and how that associates with the dung beetle/scarab even in its godly guise.

I'm reminded by this card there isn't much I don't question. The idea of accepting something because someone else says it is so seems the real sacrilege, not the actual denial or acceptance. So while Khepera rises the sun and rolls it across the sky these eons out of mind, it and I reflect, and dance our awkward spiral once more.

"If I can't dance, I want no part in your revolution." ~ Emma Goodman 1869-1940

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