Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hour In Hour Out

Daily Draw: Creatrix Activation Deck ~ Gratitude

Another from the Key suit, this could be me, first thing in the morning, last thing at night.

I'm reminded by this card many of us need a health wake up call to appreciate what we have, and yes cancer has helped me refine and challenge my life, but my gratitude journal many years ago was my true wake up call. I welcome the coming moon and month, knowing my life is full of blessings, hour in and hour out.

"Spirituality is living life by the hour with all its flaws and gems, not big events." ~ Father Mike, The Black Tower

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  1. I remember doing a gratitude journal for a year when I was having some health issues. Some nights I would write things like "I'm grateful the day is over and I can sleep." But it made me focus on what was good in my life, and actively look for it. (I didn't allow myself to write the same thing twice.)
    I think this is my favorite card out of this week's selections.


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