Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Plinth Sitting In Elba

Daily Draw: Sacred Sites Tarot ~ Knave of Wands

In a world where every kind of statement seems to have already been made, sitting atop a plinth still stands out. I've not been able to find any cause that was swayed by the exercise, which people have done from hours to Simeon the Stylite's 37 years worth of personal austerity. Backed here by the ancient city of white stone, Elba Syria, 3000 BC-50 BC RIP.

I'm reminded by this card great civilizations and cities, even those made to last eternity, can be lost, covered with dust, and forgotten. So what hope does plinth sitting offer? Knaves are full of bright ideas, but not much real brainpower for implementation. Better planning, a common cause, and working for realistic reasons will move the knave up to knight and king.

"Planking, that is the act of lying down in public, sometimes in dangerous places for maximum Internet accolades, is nothing new. It is pole-sitting minus the pole, plus the web." ~ Greg Volk


  1. I don't think I'll be pole sitting any time soon, but after that little nugget you dropped on my blog, I'm sure I'll be mailbox sitting. :)

    So how are you enjoying the Sacred Sites?

  2. I. Love. It.

    Mail fairy needed something to do...


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