Sunday, June 3, 2012

Slaking The Thirst

Daily Draw: Henny's Tarot ~ Temperance

Not surprised this card came up today, I've been reflecting on Temperance since I got up. On how an interest can become a purchasing habit, and then an obsession.

I'm reminded by this hen, if you are thirsty, enough is enough, a lake isn't necessary or required.

"Look at you, you madman! Screaming you are thirsty and dying in a desert, when all around you there is nothing but water." ~ Kabir 1440-1518

My Henny's Tarot was designed and printed as a gift for me, it uplifts my spirits when I'm down and I hold it as priceless. The maker knows I love my little hens and take much enjoyment and comfort in their presence. Thank you again. And to the hens that hold my heart, the three remaining Old Girls, inherited from my father-in-law, and the seven new chicks this spring: Pepper, Smudge, Emma, Peanut, Brown Sugar, Angel, and Sarah.


  1. Smiling in GA... :)
    So did all the new chicks turn out to be girls then?

  2. Two banty are still in limbo...the Serama breeders won't even commit until they are 5 months, they are just so tiny. That's Peanut.
    The gold laced seabright...well it's feathers proclaim rooster but it's comb is still basically nonexistent so for me there is hope :)That one is Brown Sugar

  3. I love the hens!! I actually know someone (online) that lives in a fancy address in Hollywood with a chicken coop and even posted pics of herself with them in her arms while being dressed in tiara and red-carpet dress and high heels, to much outrage! People build mansions to their hens! I find them to be really sociable and nice birds with a great deal of personality (my cousin keeps hens and 2 roosters)


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