Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Ultimate Death

Daily Draw: Tarot of the Origins ~ Death

Ah. Times were tough and man didn't concern themselves whether ground rhinoceros horn could cure boils. It was eat or be eaten, pretty straightforward. You couldn't wait until you were hungry and then graze the cupboards, it was eat, get up, and start looking for the next meal because by the time you'd downed it chances are good you were pretty hungry again.

I'm reminded by this card of Death. And what short memories we have. All the wake up calls in the world don't seem to really penetrate, individually or in the collective conscience.

November 1, 2011 Vietnam Javan Rhinoceros: Declared Extinct
November 10, 2011 Western Black Rhinoceros: Declared Extinct
Poached to extinction. Nada. No more. The ultimate death.

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  1. That's a strong post, Sharyn. Those details at the end really make you sit up. Yes, the ultimate death. But as you say, so many people forget so quickly.


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