Sunday, July 1, 2012


Daily Draw: Sacred Sites Tarot ~ High Priestess

In reading the stories of ancient venerated sibyls, one thing I'm struck by is their common trait, "I will say/do/show/offer you this once and no more". They didn't countenance fools and dilly-dalliers and goldbrickers.

There was a long post here that turned into a cranky rant. Who needs that on the first Sunday in July? Buggerit. Suffice it to say the sibyls were right, the only way to learn from our mistakes is to clean up the mess ourselves.

A second week with the newest publication from LoScarabeo, Sacred Sites Tarot, subtitled Magical Places of the World, 2012, by Massimiliano Filadoro and Federico Penco.


  1. lol I know well about writing cranky rants to later edit them out - thank god for the preview button...
    I think I suffer a mild case of deck-envy this week. The Sacred Sites looks better and better the more I see of it. Will have to balance my check-book and see if I can squeeze it in next month :-p

  2. I like that "the only way to learn from our mistakes is to clean up the mess ourselves". A good reminder to myself.

    Am enjoying this deck and it is always great to get your perspective on the cards.

    Happy July 1st .. and the Moon is in Sag ... (as is mine) a good day to be sure.

  3. even though i think this deck is not for me, i really enjoy reading your take on it; excited for another week's worth :]


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