Thursday, July 12, 2012

Monsters In The Shape Of Man

Daily Draw: Shakespeare Oracle Tarot ~ 5 of Swords

I've recently said I wouldn't give up what I know in exchange for youth, but this card would ask us to remember the things given our druthers, we'd rather not have experienced or learned at all.

I'm reminded by this card of bitter memories, painful partings, betrayals that caught me unawares, experiences that honed my survival instinct and cynical nature. They also make the good days all the warmer and brighter. There are many places on earth where good days are unknown. Just fear and war and monsters in the shape of man.

"I summon up remembrance of things past." ~ Sonnet 30 William Shakespeare 1564-1616

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  1. The quote on the card made me think of times when there was a disagreement, and instead of sticking to the current issue, past grievances were brought back up. Then the present was completely eclipsed by the past.


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