Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Suddenly The Light Breaks

Daily Draw: Shakespeare Oracle Tarot ~ High Priestess

I'm driving to see my mother today. There is much she no longer remembers, but we stuff so many things into our brain in a life time I can only hope there is enough left to keep her occupied or happy until she dies. She doesn't seem to know she doesn't remember. It seems much kinder than the dementia that drove my father in law, he knew he couldn't remember and it horrified him daily.

In this card we see the Abbess stepping forward to reveal she is the long lost wife of Egeon and mother to twin twins and suddenly the light breaks and everything that was a hopeless muddle makes sense. I'm reminded by this card it won't happen with mother but we can share the memories we do have, together, and alone.

"Go to a gossip's feast, and go with me; After so long grief, such festivity!" ~ William Shakespeare 1564-1616 The Comedy of Errors 5.1.06


  1. It is a blessing that she can't remember that she doesn't remember (even though that is hard on the caretakers). My MIL at 91 knows she's losing her memory, and it causes her much stress and consternation. Hope you have a good visit.

  2. I hope you enjoyed the visit with your mother today. Also hope there was something shared between you that was special, something that brought joy to you both.


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