Friday, August 17, 2012

Acknowledging Comfort

Daily Draw: Paulina Tarot ~ 5 of Cups

A young friend wrote yesterday to tell me he has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Even in the midst of his own troubles he was reaching out to offer me sympathy.

I'm reminded by the little creatures here beside her, offering their small portion of companionship and comfort, it is easy to get so deep in our problems that we can miss those gestures. Comfort is comfort, from whatever its source. I  have a small long dog here who has taken to coming over and putting his head on my knee. That involves stopping to give and take a hug. The little notes left here on the blog...There is a lot of value in those things and I appreciate them.

"Comfort was allowed to come to them, rare, unsought, a gift like joy." ~ Ursula K. LeGuin 1929-


  1. May you and your sister receive all the comfort you need and more.

  2. Comfort can come in the strangest ways and indeed we need to be aware and enjoy the moments. All too often we give but then forget to receive.

    Thoughts as always to your sister and those around her and now also to your new young friend battling a brain tumor. Along with my cousin-in-law's battle and my son's cat .. perhaps it is time for a group healing energy meditation. xxxooo


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