Sunday, August 26, 2012

Short Timer Now

Daily Draw: Da Vinci Tarot ~ 8 of Coins

Our lady isn't honing a trade but indicating the value of love and loyalty, an internal works which also needs to be cultured. We are far too busy to have something this important in our lives spark and then grow by itself.

I'm reminded by this card of my little sister's friends who are pitching in to help as they can. At this point (only six weeks from the diagnosis) she can no longer move on her own. On the other hand I can lean over her bed and kiss her forehead without her shouting "boil water boil water!" ah la the Peanuts cartoons. I fear death not at all, it is the many hard ways of dying that chill heart and soul.

"Time is shortening." ~ Ingrid Bergman 1915-1982

The Da Vinci Tarot from Lo Scarabeo, published in 2005, has brought to life many of the uncompleted sketches from Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks, using the powerful skills of Iassen Ghiuselev and A. Atanas Atanassiv.  63 page companion book is by Mark McElroy includes both commentary and three suggested exploration queries for each card.


  1. Oh. I'm glad her friends are there to help too. ((sharyn))



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