Friday, September 21, 2012


Daily Draw: Wisdom of the Four Winds ~ Renewal

I'm an early bird. It is not long after 3 AM and here I am beginning my day. Insomnia plays it's dark part but even when I have my foot on it's neck I'm up early. A fresh start to a new day filled with potential great and small.

I'm reminded there has been a pattern to this week's draws showing a path to healing. I've read the books, I know there are stages of grief. I know billions of people have lost trillions of people, I'm not the only one. I've lost lots of people, family and friends, dear and close and loved. But I cry and cry and watch for the dawn. As does my tiny rooster Peanut. 6" tall, 4" wide and all attitude. His ladies are all four times his height and width and he tends them with such care and devotion...a daily bright spot with the sunrise...

"I thought about calling you at 5:30 in the morning Easter Sunday when the rooster started crowing for three straight hours, I figured if I had to be up, you should be up too." ~ Ken Burke


  1. I'm up, whether I want to be or not. My insomnia can be more persistent than my tomcat when he demands his breakfast. Looks like I drew "Rooster" for both of us today.:) Hoping that you find many more bright spots in your day, and that your heavy heart will grow lighter as each morning comes.

  2. What a beautiful card! I wish I were a morning person. Insomnia plays it's part in that for me too. I finally manage to sleep best between 4am and 10am. I miss those beautiful sunrises, though.

  3. Another gorgeous card. I am liking this deck very much. I am an early riser as well, no matter the time I go to bed the night before. Doesn't bother me to get up early as I quite enjoy that, however, it getting enough sleep. Sleep has never been my friend throughout my life ... I always blame it on my Mercury in Gemini LOL. It got to the point after dad passed, I had to talk with my doc to try and get some help with it.

    Sending you some hugs ((((hugs))))


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