Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Exposed To The Light

Daily Draw: Moon Oracle ~ Artemis

Artemis the Huntress and patron of females dates from Etruscan times, predating Greek and Roman mythology which call her Diana. Real or myth her story portrays a life of clearly defined choices and independence. She chose animals over people, the remote mountain life over a city full of worshipers, to be single rather than wedded and knew this was the life she wished to lead by the age of six.

I'm reminded by this card Artemis was a goddess of light, not of the sun but the reflected light of the moon. That reflected rather than straight on light probably resulted in some of her choices costing her dearly. Because who amongst us hasn't had the most brilliant idea since time began which when exposed to strong light was found to have some cracks and flaws? I had a brilliant idea this morning. So far it is working, but it's hours to full light...and the reality of my day.

"Nature never said to me "Do not be poor"; still less did she say; "Be rich"; her cry to me was always "Be independent." ~ Sebastien-Roch Nicolas De chamfort 1741-1794

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  1. I think the bright light makes us second guess ourselves and the reflected light allows us a bit of leniency... :)


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