Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Multatis Mutandis

Daily Draw: Durer Tarot ~ Death

Awesome Death card. Latin at the card bottom translated; "the necessary changes having been made".

This card reminds me of Undercover Blues with Dennis Quaid, Kathleen Turner, and Stanley Tucci as self-styled Muerte who got no respect because he wasn't mean enough or bad enough to give death to those that met him. His actions were stunted; his consuming anger prevented Multatis Mutandis.

"The constraints of melodrama can be a great blessing, because they demand that all the characters involved - as absurd and extreme as they may initially seem - must stay utterly rooted in their own reality, or the whole project collapses." Stanley Tucci 1960-

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  1. that is a really, really awesome death card indeed!


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