Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Phenomenal Potential

Daily Draw: Greenwood Tarot ~ 9 of Arrows/Swords

She is using her bow as a simple musical strumming instrument, generating a circle of healing. The potential of these kinds of self help exercises are said to be phenomenal. 

I'm reminded by this card our heart  may rule our relationships but our brain runs the rest of the show.
+ I bought a vintage sewing machine and aquired a treadle; expresses the idea I'll be around to use them.
- I need a new cell phone. Mine is nearly 10 years old and no longer holds a charge longer than four hours. Nope, not going there, I might not be here to fulfill the contract.
+ I have copper breast cancer earrings and wear them often to remind myself of just how lucky I've been that both cancers were discovered very early.
- If Rob retires I'm going to give up driving. Just not confident anymore.
+ I've chosen the sunflower as my icon of health. I have sunflower fabric on my ironing board, I've gathered the most beautiful hi-res sunflower images I could find and change them out daily as my laptop wall paper.
+ & - I haven't bought any decks in ages, have sold off some, but on the other hand I ordered the new Lucia Mattioli I've been waiting for years to be published. Optimism that I'll be here to use it...

"What we see as “normal” living is truly a travesty of our potential." ~ Dominic Owen Mallory 1984-2008


  1. Here's to potential being phenomenal!

  2. Hope you plant an acre of sunflowers this spring...

  3. :) We always plant a 2 foot wide row down the back side of the garden. And the Bluejays plant little spots of them all over the place


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