Monday, April 15, 2013

The Girl Who Danced

Daily Draw: Oracle of the Dreamtime ~ Brolga

Once upon a time there was a girl who danced. And danced. And danced. A powerful wirrunun asked her to marry him, and she refused.  In anger he chanted and sang up a mighty whirlwind. After it swept through, the girl Brolga was gone and in her place came the dancing bird Brolga.

I'm reminded by this card of the extraordinary changes in us, wrought by time, seemingly behind our backs. We start out one day strong and lively and all of a sudden our strength and lively have deserted us, leaving just a token amount so we know what we are missing. It is a funny old life. Dance as Brolga while we still can.

"I'll see your dancing bird and raise you a beatboxing parrot."

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  1. Himself told me today, "You know, I used to see a lot of older people around; now most everyone is my age or younger." :)


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