Thursday, April 25, 2013


Daily Draw: Durer Tarot ~ 4 of Swords

Our clever minx of yesterday is in trouble today. Not four Swords suggesting retreat, relaxation, rest, recovery, but fight or flight response by chewing off her foot to get away from the trap.

I'm reminded by this card just how hard it is to get away from something ungetawayable. We go along minding our own beeswax and BLAM, we either crash up against it or fall over it or find it an unmovable force around us. My teeth are too old to chew off my hand, but my mad monkey mind keeps trying to make me do it.

"Maybe the minx is just a down to earth girl who wants to play more than one role in this life. Maybe she'd like to play as many roles as she can because she knows one day death is going to strip us all of our costumes and make us completely equal in the grave." ~ Linnea Chiang The Minx

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  1. Reminds me that there are times when I can't "think" my way out of something, no matter how hard I try.


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