Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weights and Measures

Daily Draw: Tarot of the Magical Forest ~ 2 of Coins

Ever read the notice pasted on the fuel pump? The elevator? The fruit and veg scale? There is actually a unit of our government that inspects and tags for uniformity. That is why eggs come sized. Going north there are a good ten miles of parked rail flat cars, been there for years rusting. The rules changed and no one uses 40 foot rail cars anymore, the containers are now 53 foot. 

All that to say what? Somewhere someone, no doubt earning a great big salary, decides this stuff. If you've ever wondered what he looks like, here he is, healthy and happy as the 2 of Coins. Because  what was old is new and the rules often change, his job is assured.

"The unification of weights and measures of the Year III of the French Revolution, (April 7, 1795) climaxed the efforts of a millennium (Charlemagne had sought it), but the system, in spite of its exportation by Napoleon's armies, is still not universal." ~ 1989, Emmet Kennedy Professor Emeritus George Washington University

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  1. When I first was married, I worked in a lab (doing grunt work) testing peanuts for aflatoxin. We had those notices posted everywhere. Today that job is obsolete, as technology has taken the place of human workers.


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