Monday, November 25, 2013

Peanutbutter Thothpaste

Daily Draw: Thoth Tarot ~ Prince of Wands

From Ruth Southers book: cultivate bursts of genuine ingenuity.
Setting aside what nongenuine bursts might be...(peanutbutter thothpaste? Windows 8?) I'd think we've all had ingenious right past the ah-ha ideas, in fact strokes of genius.

I'm reminded by this card those two words might well mean the same thing. Or be a noun and adjective. What do I know, I'm mostly the doorknob type. What I do know is when we take what we are passionate about, and apply our minds to creative solutions, there they are. Two of mine here and here. Not rocket science but we aren't building rockets.

Question whether there is a better way rather than the only way. Break from the usual and new ideas flow in like water." ~ Nathaniel J. Wyeth 1802-1856


  1. What a perfect solution - not only practical, but beautiful as well. I'm thinking you could probably tackle that rocket if you really wanted to...

  2. Lol: Peanut butter toothpaste and window 8 in one sentence. I wonder what Bill gates will think of that...

  3. thoth paste :) Originally a type, made me laugh, left it.

  4. You are a super creative! I love it! :) Muchas Estrellas!!!!!!!!

  5. Do you know what I think of now every time I brush my teeth?!


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