Friday, December 6, 2013

Applied Intelligence

Daily Draw: Rosetta Tarot ~ 8 of Coins

Intelligence lovingly applied to material matters. Crowley
What a great turn of phrase to sum up this card. I think the reasons are in the decans and the tree of life.

I'm reminded by this card of the seeds I plant in January each year, to choose a new subject and apply myself to it. My primary subject for 2013 was an archaeology course through Brown University. My life wasn't my own this year and I drew a zero on that. I'd love to try again someday, the first task was to find a dig somewhere near home. When I realized that course wouldn't work, I chose something simpler, learn to skillfully use a treadle sewing machine, the goal being to use it for the quilt mystery that started last week. I'm no where near home while I care for my mother, so another big fat zero. The third try was much better, I lovingly applied my intelligence to learning the Thoth system of tarot. The Rosetta this week is one of those decks. I'll give myself a B+, it is a deep subject with years of study to go...just the way I like my annual commission. I wonder how I'll do on my ninth year, 2014? I've chosen geometry and ley lines. That aught to keep my brain spinning, and I can do it sitting right here beside mother.

Who knew? There is an Applied Intelligence stock. Current value .05, high this year .06.
There is a Journal of Applied Intelligence. Covering artifical intelligence, neural networks, and complex problem solving.
And of course where would we be if there weren't an Applied Intelligence Marketing company to help us buy widgets by the boatload?


  1. I have purchased a used copy of J.M. Greer's "Sacred Geometry" book in anticipation. :)

  2. I think this is an interesting subject to study, It is not like me to start something in the beginning of the year. I don't do new years intentions either. it is like setting myself up for failure. But I cheer on everyone who can :D

  3. Haven't looked at that, but I see in one of the reviews "It might help to have some background in math, but an 8th grade education or better could probably follow the concepts without too much difficulty".

    I've started the Guide to Constructing the Universe book, and am enjoying it.
    Poor Mr. Klein..he tried SO hard with me, and I did so want to learn geometry and algebra, but it was hopeless, I was pathetic...

  4. Ellen, I don't do new year resolutions either. My work on this blog helps me set my intentions every day. Jan 1 is just another day of the year for us, I have slept through the last 2 dozen new years because I love to get up early and greet the new year with a resounding Namaste.

  5. That is a wonderful tradition!


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