Thursday, December 19, 2013

Broken Woman Broken Dogs

Daily Draw: Sacred World Oracle ~ Dog

Hey, no doom and gloom here for a change. We have had wonderful dogs over the years, each special in their own right. Our current dogs are Xavier and Xing-Xing, dumped dachshunds from a puppy mill. Anything that could have been wrong with breeding or bad about behavior, these dogs were at the head of the class.

I'm reminded by this beautiful wolfhound in the snow, they are perfectly behaved little gentleman now. With one exception. Socialization. Before we moved here to take care of mother, I sat them down and asked them to be especially tender with mother. They have been, since the very first minute; this broken woman who never cared for dogs and particularly dogs in the house calls them adorable.
Bless their own little broken dog hearts.

"You hold substance in my psyche". ~ Sarahbeth Purcell 1977-


  1. How lovely they can bring her such an unexpected delight!

  2. Sometimes I think the broken and vulnerable recognize it in the other, no matter what the species. Hugs to all of you.


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