Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cut Bait Or Fish

Daily Draw: Minchiate Tarot ~ 10 of Swords

This is where we have to decide to cut bait or fish. There is no going back, going forward requires serious effort.

I'm reminded by this card there is an up side because there indeed are choices to be made, we've just ignored, marginalized, or hid from them until we've come clear to the end of the line. Time to put on our thinking cap and running shoes.

"Let's put on our thinking caps and see if we can't have an idea,' said Cricket, 'Passing the caps around" ~ Anna Rose Wright  Whirligig House


  1. There is always a choice Even not choosing is a choice. We only can go forward. Walk on....

  2. Funny, your post reflects the same message as the Shaman's Oracle card I drew today (the Ancestor of Hope); both reflect the necessity of moving forward rather than lingering over the past.

  3. Hi Sharyn! It's very clear, precise and positive your reading. And I agree with you, because I try to do so when I have difficult situations, sometimes (or ever) to face the facts (we say:"poner el pecho"= put the chest to a situation), think it as quickly as we can and act, can help to solve the situation. Muchas Estrellas!!!!! and Happy Weekend!!!!!!. Ah!!...And I like very much your: "Put on our thinking cap and running shoes"! :) ...Excellent!!!

  4. (we say:"poner el pecho"= put the chest to a situation)

    I used a Rumi deck here quite awhile ago, and one of the cards was about "polishing the mirror of the heart"
    being honest with ourselves.

    Thank you all for stopping by! Sharyn


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