Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ennui Reigns

Daily Draw: Rosetta Tarot ~ 10 of Coin

There are still more options when you get to the other three 10's. With the 10 of Coins the total sum is locked in place, be it health or wealth or worldly issues. Outside actions will change nothing. To go forward the self must regenerate.

I'm reminded by this card in many respects none of us ever get to this point. Few even try. Top drawer health? Har Har. True responsible stewards of our income? Hardly. Give 100% at our jobs? Our dependants, our responsibilities? Nope. Because we are humans, flawed. Except for health I'd really rather not be at the 10 of coins. Humans without goals are rudderless ships and ennui reigns.

"Tea leaves thwart those who court catastrophe, designing futures where nothing will occur; cross the gypsy's palm and yawning she will still predict no perils left to conquer.
Jeopardy is jejune now; naive knight finds ogres out of date and dragons unheard of, while blase princesses indict tilts at terror as downright absurd." ~ Sylvia Plath 1932-1963

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  1. What I like about this particular Ten of Coins is that only 9 are linked, leaving the tenth one free to start over again.


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