Saturday, December 21, 2013


Daily Draw: Sacred World Oracle ~ Fox

The First Americans called this beautiful creature or it's cousin the coyote, Trickster. Is a trickster someone who takes pleasure pointing out our failings? Or someone who makes us laugh at our own foibles?

I'm reminded by this card, before or after, both types are hard to love in someone else and incredibly difficult habits to break in ourselves. Like this fox, our tracks are soon covered up by the snow but the imprint we leave on others is there forever.

"Humor is not a rubber sword allowing you to make a point without drawing blood." ~ Mary Hirsch


  1. I rather like the fox with his cunning and wit. He is resourceful in his surviving methods. Sometimes we need those traits; perhaps especially around the holidays :D

  2. Tricksters have always reminded me to not take myself so damn seriously. :D


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