Saturday, December 14, 2013

How Old Is Ancient How New Is New?

Daily Draw: Minchiate Tarot ~ Air

Air, it if went, as with the other elements, so would we. In a billion years a space probe from a far galaxy would turn over a rock and find an Iphone or a plastic grocery bag and make up designer stories about our civilization. A horseshoe would no doubt be treasured as an elegant sample of a ceremonial torque... A timeline based on how ancient is ancient and how new is new.

I'm reminded by this card to look around the room. I'd sure miss the electricity and propane stove, but there isn't anything in this room I couldn't live without. And probably better. My life is full of things I could live without, most of them acquired long before graduating FlyLady and having cancer twice. When I step out my door the aged cedar and fir trees perfume the air, and remind me what's important. I'm alive and there is hope I'm perhaps wiser than I was at 30 and 40 and 50. But not ancient, oh no, never that.

"Can't you see I'm only advising you to beg yourself not to be so dumb?" ~ Titus Petronius Niger 20-66 AD, His Arbiter Elegancie and stand up comedian

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  1. I often walk in the woods near my home, just to be close to the trees. My walks always refresh me and help me get things into a better perspective. I have oak, rowan, and hawthorn outside my door. It's amazing that you have cedar and fir nearby... the smell must be wonderful!


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