Saturday, December 28, 2013

New And Improved

Daily Draw: Legend the Arthurian Tarot ~ Tower

From the companion book: Vortigern's fortress falls...built as a futile attempt to insulate himself from the consequences of his own actions.

It is a  fascinating story and one that gave me a shuddery sort of laugh this morning. The fortress in this case, time and again, is trying to outpace mother's dementia. Can't be done. Soon as I build her a wall here one falls there. Today I'll hunt for some bricks and design a new and improved one.

"Memory is not a record of the past but an evolving myth spinning from its engagement with the world.~ John Daniel  Looking After: A Son's Memoir


  1. Bricks of love and patience and some of self-care for you :)

  2. There is no creative challenge quite as demanding as dealing with dementia. My heart and thoughts are with you on this quest. (((S)))

  3. I'm ok. All I have to do is walk in the other room and I have two sewing machines set up and two projects to work on.
    It is just so painful to see this woman who only raised her voice to call everyone to dinner now shouting and stomping about :)
    One of the funny (but also painful) things she does is leaning over her cuppa and speaking into the straw like a microphone. In deep monotone "will someone call management and fix the lights in the lobby?" "will the supervisor come and turn on the heat please"

    1. The most painful thing is perhaps the fact she will never get better...


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