Sunday, February 23, 2014

Come and Gone

Daily Draw: Chinese Tarot ~ Magician

Ever wonder how magicians do their stuff?
I saw a bad magician in Las Vegas. I doubt the dinner show in a inexpensive restaurant was the pinnacle of his dreams. But by his very placement my mind was conditioned to think 'bad'. If I'd seen the same effort on the main stage at the Luxor would I have perceived the same show as marvelous?

I'm reminded by this card of being adequate. No harm in that; I'm joined by the bulk of humanity. But I really do wish there was something of mine I could point to and say 'isn't that bit of work stunning?' or' didn't that bit of work come out fine though?'. Alas. I'm not unhappy with adequate but I'm sorry nothing I've ever done was filled with magic. When I'm gone I'll be gone...along with the bulk of humanity.

"Hmm. Alas. Earwax." ~ Albus Dumbledore 1881-1997

Chinese Tarot, art by Jui Guoliang, published by US Games Systems 1989. Recently republished.


  1. That sounds rather depressing. I believe in our ordinariness we touch so many lives, make so many people happy. I think the magic is found in the little gestures which are almost unnoticed but have a remarkable ripple effect
    So cheer up and smile to the first one you meet en you are working magic already :)

  2. Hells bells woman, I've seen photos of the quilts you have done, and if that isn't magic I don't know what is, and what about the wordsmithing on your blog?

  3. I entirely agree with the person above and I have seen some of your quilts in person and they are gobsmackingly stunning!
    So please consider for that alone ( not to mention your other very fine qualities) you are a long way above adequate :)


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