Saturday, February 22, 2014

More Brains Less Ego

Daily Draw: Rosetta Tarot ~ 10 of Coins/Disks

In the Thoth system the minors proceed from Wands to Cups to Swords to Coins. The first three tens lead the progression to the next suit. Not so this ten. The tree of life is complete, the highest wealth is achieved, there is no where to go but to the bottom and restart the life cycle, each time with more of the rough corners smoothed off, more brains less ego.

I'm reminded by this card that sounds pretty good to me. Using cards and blog is an exercise in personal growth. New tasks I take on are deliberately calculated to bring some kind of growth, to keep me moving outside the box. And now, with my history of cancer, to help me focus forward rather than egg-like simply dwelling in the day.

"A man only becomes wise when he begins to calculate the approximate depth of his ignorance." ~ Gian Carlo Menotti 1911-2007


  1. Yay for you Sharyn! that is the best thing anyone can do: go forward
    You write: more brains less ego. I think: more soul less ego

  2. I love how she left the tenth coin loose to suggest beginning again. I'm with you on smoothing off the rough edges every turn of the wheel.

  3. Hi dear Sharyn! I like very much your post, it's very deep and inspiring (as all your posts), and I think you have a lot of wisdom, which, not only I enjoy it but I learn from you too. Thank you for sharing with us. I send you a big kiss and Muchas Estrellas!!!!


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