Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Walk A Mile In Strange Shoes

Daily Draw: Chinese Tarot ~ 3 of Coins

I wonder if this is a marksmanship task, shooting behind yourself through the coins holes? If all you had to do was train it would eventually come naturally, skills built on skills. I also wonder how many arrows on the average were used in big ancient battles. It had to be more than the standard quiver offers but where were the extras? Did the arrowmen have minions running along side with a basket full? Wiki says at the very most twenty, medieval quivers held a dozen at the most. Didn't take long to get to tea break in those days. And what about the later longbows? Six to seven feet long, I reckon some difficulty was involved in carrying spares.

I'm reminded by this card every occupation and hobby involves much more than we casually glean in passing. And seeing an expert at anything at work is a gift to our intelligence.

"The longbow, because of its rapidity of fire, was a medieval machine gun. It has been calculated that a bowman of the Hundred Years War period, when military archery was at its zenith, could shoot 10-12 arrows a minute." ~ Robert E Kaiser The Medieval English Longbow


  1. I suppose they could have "recycled" arrows if they got in a fix. Though pulling them out of people would make me shudder; maybe that's what the minions did besides collecting the arrows that missed. Twelve arrows in a minute?! Geez louise...

  2. Unlike in many other three of pentacles this man is alone with his craft. Nobody is watching him perform. Perhaps working alone can lead to even better results than having people watching you closely

  3. the ultimate in green arrowry and I don't doubt spare sheilds, arrows, helmets etc were gleaned.
    I just can't see the fighting going on for days or weeks like it did in 'Nam.

    And Ellen, I agree, when doing something in skill learning it is easier to do by oneself or with other newbies rather in public open for comment.
    I was trying to do the ultimate basic in pointed pen work this morning, evenly ///////
    But mother was in high state of crabby which in turn gives me the shakes so my first two lines were ~~~~~~~ :) Another day, another pen full of ink will come.

  4. Hi Sharyn! It's a very interesting post and while I'm reading it, I think "How could they do it?, undoubtedly tired, hungry, worried, with fear and uncertainty. Involved in a war, in such a painful situation...and a dozen arrows! Staying alive and keep clear the focus on the target (I mean the fight for their cause and ideals), held themselves up. Thank you! I learn from you and you always make me think about important things :) Muchas Estrellas!!!!!

  5. War. What a dingdong waste of time, resources, and bodies.

    Thanks for stopping by, you must quit complimenting me, my head is growing enormous! My giant shield won't be big enough to hide my head behind soon...;)

  6. Totally agree!!!! War is a nonsense!!!
    Jajajaja! :D Really it's not compliment, it's the truth!!! I always say what I feel :)


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